What Does Your Window Cleaner Do?

What does your window cleaner do?

Yes thats correct what does your window cleaner do when they clean your windows? Most potential customers or enquiries we deal with say “oh our window cleaner cleans just the glass”.

Why would your window cleaner just clean the glass though ? surely they should clean the whole of the window ? if not why not ? ask the question why they do not clean the whole of the window . We here at All Round Cleaning Midlands LTD ensure that we clean the whole of the window which includes all of the glass , frames , sills and not forgetting your doors too ! YES we clean the doors too and we also include the garage door if you have one .

We believe that when we offer a service like window cleaning the job includes the whole of the window not just the glass ! its like when you get to have your car serviced you wouldnt say yes do a full service but hold back on the oil change as there would be no real benefit of this .

This is why when we do the job we ensure we do the lot .

We have found that the way we work cleaning all the frames , sills , doors each time actually saves the customer money in the long run ( just like a car service ) if you let the build up of dirt , dust and vehicle pollutants accrue on your windows it will eventually over time cause damage to the glass and the frames and may cause the plastic to stain too . This then means that to get the plastic of the window frames clean again we need to deep clean the plastic and this is when it starts to cost the customer a lot more , especially on the first clean depending on how badly the plastic / glass has been stained .

So next time you are looking for your next window cleaner in the Wolverhampton area ask yourself what does my window cleaner include in the service ?