Top Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top frequently asked questions about water-fed pole window cleaning.

What is a water-fed pole?:

A water-fed pole is a extendable pole usually made of carbon fibre.

That enables the window cleaner to reach hard to reach windows and heights that are deemed unsafe for use on ladders.

Are they safe?

Yes they are safe but like anything things can go wrong ! But unfortunately mishaps are very few and far between , poles are a lot safer to use than ladders these days they minimise the risk of injury from a fall from a ladder by greatly reducing the need for long term use of ladders .

Why are my windows left wet?

Windows are left wet as there is no need to physically dry the windows as there is no residue left on the glass to dry spotty or streaky , unlike traditional window cleaning where we use a scrubber and squeegee to remove the detergent we only use pure water with no impurities in that means that all is there to evaporate is 0 pure water .

There are some spots on my windows!

On A first clean it is not unusual for there to be some slight spotting or streaking ( especially on harder to reach windows ) where we can not directly see the window ie over a garage roof or a conservatory . in the majority of cases there are no problems it is just on the odd time there may be a bit of spotting . This usually disappears after the second clean .

My frames are green or black can you help?

Yes we can rectify this for you , depending on how badly the plastic is stained , greyed we can usually rectify this for you no problem at all , please see our gallery to see some examples of this work .