Pure Water Frequently Asked Questions

Pure water fed pole systems are the new industry standard in window cleaning, on this page we try to answer any questions you might have about it and ease any concerns you may have about All Round Cleaning in Wolverhampton using this method.

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Q - What is pure water?

A - Pure water is normal tap water that has gone through a series of filters called a reverse osmosis system which is similar but on a larger scale to those used to fill aquariums for tropical fish, after these filters the water is then passed through a deionisation chamber.

The reverse osmosis system removes virtually all contaminants from the water including calcium and chloride reducing the them down to approximately 12 parts contaminant to 1 million parts water which is roughly the same as rain water before it hits the ground. The water is then passed through the deionisation chamber where the last 12 parts per million are removed making the water Pure with no contaminants left whatsoever.

Rain water can also be used and this only needs to pass through the deionisation chamber to become pure because contrary to popular belief rain water is extremely clean.

Q - Why don't you use soap?

A - Quite simply because we don't need to. If we did use soap some may be left on your windows and this is one of the things we have to avoid.

Q - How can water alone clean windows and uPVC?

A - It isn't actually the water that is cleaning the window itself, with traditional methods the soap isn't cleaning the window itself but simply agitating the dirt and coating the glass so that the squeegee can slip on the glass and pull the dirt away the brush that we use agitates the dirt into the water and we simply rinse it away with more water instead of a squeegee.

Q - Why do you leave it wet

A - There are 2 reasons for this, firstly with no soap a squeegee can't glide on the glass so would be unusable but more importantly it is the best way to get a spot and streak free finish. Because the pure water rinses away any impurities on the glass there is nothing left to leave spots or streaks, if we tried to dry the glass we may put impurities back ourselves so it is best to leave them to dry naturally which doesn't take long.

Q - Do you clean sills?

A - Yes but not only your sills, because of the process of removing all impurities from the glass we need to also remove them from frames and sills too so that dirt doesn't run off of them onto the glass.