Gutter Clearing & Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning, gutter clearing, what is the difference?

Well there is not much difference between the both to be honest but some customers request gutter clearing and some customers request gutter cleaning . But they are more or less the same thing just different ways of asking for the same service .

The only major difference between clearing and cleaning is one is where we empty the gutters and the other is where we empty the gutters and wash them down afterwards . but they will both entail the gutters being emptied , And depending on wether or not the customer requests the gutters to be washed after emptying .

We can currently empty / clear gutters upto 30 feet using our gutter vacuum system and wash them down too although we are looking at expanding our gutter cleaning pole system in coming months to accommodate larger jobs.

Have a look at our gutter vac in action click here for youtube.