Gutter Cleaning in Dudley

Here are a few pictures of a job we did last week gutter cleaning in Dudley.

we did an initial inspection of the guttering for free using out mobile cctv unit and poles to get up to the gutters and show the customer what was in the guttering the customer then decided that they wished to have the work undertaken .

We had a total of around 160 litres of leaves, pine needles, water out the guttering as the water wasn’t being allowed to run freely to the downpipes due to them being blocked by all of the above. Imagine all the extra weight that the guttering was holding due to them being full , if they had of been left any longer the customer would have been in trouble as it was already starting to overflow in 1 spot.

This customer says that the guttering hadn’t been cleaned or emptied in over 2 years and we could certainly see this when we put our camera up to inspect them , we walked around the property with the customer to show them on the monitor what was in their gutters so they could make an informed decision on wether or not they needed to be emptied .

We also included a full exterior plastics clean and full window clean too.